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Hello everyone!

My name is Dávid Humayer, I will tell you relatively briefly who I am and how I got to know Maté, the best drink in the world. :)

Perhaps the story begins with the fact that I have been a Barcelona fan since Ronaldinho. Then, shortly after, the flea (La Pulga), i.e. the 17-year-old little Lionel Messi, appeared on the stage, and then Suaréz from Uruguay came, who became his best friend in Catalonia. The two Materos played math together many times, which became visible due to social media. It made me very curious about what this special drink was, but I only knew its name and that it was "legal doping". I told my girlfriend at the time, Orsi, that I wanted this Mate for Christmas. And so it happened, on December 25, 2019, after the initiation, I tasted the first traditional maté of my life. It was a natural Argentine and I filled it with too hot water (more than 80°C). This made him very bitter and very strong. I really didn't like it. I thought: "How am I going to drink the whole half kg bag?"

Then I felt something different in my body as the yerba entered my veins. I didn't know what it was exactly, only that it wasn't like drinking hawthorn tea. :)) So, in the following months, I started to really research what yerba mate is. During the research, I tried to make myself like the drink. I tried to sweeten it with honey, agave syrup, lemon, but none of them were really good, until I came across Taragüi Citricos, which became the first yerba in my life that I fell in love with. This thought caught my attention at first: "Can this yerba mate be delicious?!".

Football went much better with it, but I was still skeptical as to whether this was the effect of the maté or just a placebo. The point is that the pre-match ritual with the mate went very well and I realized that if I only imagine this effect, it is still very good, because I don't want to stop this ritual. In the meantime, my brain began to get used to the typical and special taste of Mate, and I began to find the perfect temperature of agua 70-80°C more and more, to build more beautiful mountains of the yerba, and to spoon bombilla more skillfully. Shortly after that, I already knew: I wanted to work with Maté for at least 10 years. I would like to read about it, experience it, I would like to know its history, its culture, its flavors, its processing, I would like to know everything about it!

I started going everywhere with mate, to football tournaments, to work (at that time I worked as a Sommelier at the Kóstolom Wine Bar) and I told everyone about mate. When they started asking me to get one for them, I decided: "well, while I'm writing about mate, I'll also sell it..." This thought was confirmed in me by the fact that if I don't sell the product, then I will drink it, so there is no big risk. :)

This is how the Mate Manus Facebook page started, which used to be called "Humi Kávés Történetei (Coffee histories of Humi)", because before Mate I was a big fan of coffee for a year, which in retrospect was a link between wine and mate.

During the pandemic, I was looking for a job (I went to job interviews with mate) and in the meantime I was producing mate content. Then I started working for the Hungarian Interchurch Aid, and during this time Mate Manus was launched (2021-2024). Over the years, interviews and videos have been made about mate and me. An import and export network was built, I started learning Spanish, organized Argentine fiestas. I met the Argentine ambassador and became a member of the team of the best football-playing Argentines living in Hungary :D. In the meantime, I also met an Argentinian girl, Caro, who became my novia from my customer. At the end of November 2023, on the official World Mate Day, the Argentine Embassy presented me with the "Amigo de Argentina" ("Friend of Argentina") award, given by Marca Pais (the Argentine Tourism Agency) to people who despite the Argentine for culture that they do not have Argentinian roots. I became the 17th person to receive this award. I am very proud of this award, I invited the whole family to the ceremony.

I am grateful to God for giving me these experiences and connections through mate!


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